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Hillary Hilderbrand Online Fully Funded

Hillary Hilderbrand is the Director of Operations at a small non-profit in East Lubbock, She is in Graduate school for a Masters in Special education with a focus in Autism, She is a youth leader at Experience Life Church, a Young Life leader! She is loving life but at a point where God is calling her to leave the country and love on some people and share the name of Jesus.

Serving people in other countries and nations truly refills her cup.
This year Hillary is co-leading a trip of high schoolers to Guatemala! She is so excited to embrace this opportunity and truly help build disciple makers within the youth of our generation. She will be going to Guatemala June 20th-28th. She has to raise funds for this trip since I am a leader!

Hillary has traveled all over to many different nations, she has even traveled on missions within the United States. Everyone says to go until you are called to stay and she has never been called to stay...until Guatemala. She is not certain she will live in Guatemala permanently but her heart grows abundant with joy whenever she hears the word Guatemala. God called her back to lead this trip and she is beyond eager to see what he will do through her and within her heart as well as her team. #Guateverittakes

She also has prayer requests at this time too!

Our team (of 24) to be fully funded. 
The hearts of our students to be soft and eager for God to move
Divine appointments with the Ixil people of Guatemala. 
Our leadership team to lead with God fully at the front of our trip