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Max Scheffer World Race Mission Fundraiser

Meet Max Scheffer, a brave and faithful 18 years old graduating from High School in 3 months. Instead of going directly to college after high school, he will be taking a year off.

Max was accepted to A&M and had fully intended on attending college there, then something hit him. Unsure why he was going there, what he wanted to major in nor what he wanted to devote his life to. A four year commitment is a huge amount of time and money! He started praying and reading over old prayers, he felt certain God was not calling him straight to college at all. 

He was mentored through a friend about World Race a gap year program run by the organization adventure in missions. It was for kids like him who really didn't know what occupation God was calling them to, people who had a passion for serving, people who wanted more that the status quo.

Max decided to go all in and commit. In August he will be leaving on a nine month, school year length mission to Guatemala, Lesotho and Cambodia. He will be serving through children's ministry, construction projects and ministering to victims of sex trafficking.

For Him this is somewhat frightening and risky, but that is what God does. Calls us out of our comfort zone into a place where we have to rely on him and take risks for the sake of the Gospel.

The Most Challenging part, is the raising of support. By June 8th he needs to raise $5,000 dollars. Then by August 5th $8,805 dollars. This is where he needs your prayers. He is confident that God will provide every last dollar!

Max has partnered with Sewing God's Seeds Non-profit organization to raise support! SGS empowers men and women artisans around the world to rise up from poverty, sex slavery, sex trafficking and unimaginable circumstances. When you purchase these hand made products you are helping in two ways, you are helping Max raise support to spread God's word in mission work and you are helping the men and women who made the products. Sewing God's Seeds will donate all profits from your purchase to Max's support! Simply Visit: and put Max in the checkout notes and lets continue to pray him through this!