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John N Debbie Mckay Mission Fundraiser Haiti


John and Debbie Mckay went on their first mission trip in 2015 with Mission of Hope to Haiti. There they formed relationships with many individuals while on the ground. While on this trip they were able to lead a young man to Christ. They were able to share the good news of Jesus to many others. Today there are still many practices of witch craft, which they were witnesses to. Even if they did not turn their lives over to christ they however did allow us to pray over their homes, illnesses and situations. During this trip they never met a women that had a husband. There was a lot of malnutrition, skin diseases and poverty. Through prayer John and Debbie will be going back with Mission of Hope in October. They are excited to go back and see the people they first met and let them know they were not forgotten and to continue to show them the love and hope of JESUS.

John and Debbie have partnered with Sewing God's Seeds to raise support for their mission trip. When you purchase products from all profits from your purchase will be given toward their mission trip.

SGS partners with artisan groups around the world to provide an end to poverty, sex slavery, sex trafficking and addictions. When you purchase a product you are helping to empower these men and women to rise up from adversity and helping John and Debbie share the good news of Jesus and bring more people to Christ!

It is simple just go to and leave Mckay in the checkout notes and shop with a purpose today!