Azizi Life Headband

Azizi Life Headband


The design of this headband is one of simple beauty.
The braids can be placed next to each other, or spread out to create a new look.
Envision your headband worn with long flowing locks, a cute bob, or a fun up-do.

Think of it as an everyday celebration of fair trade.


  • Weavers braid natural sisal fibers to create these headbands.

  • Each headband is fitted with an elastic band for flexible sizing and comfort.

  • The natural fibers help to prevent slipping.

  • Care: Our headbands are best worn with dry hair.

Abibumbye Cooperative

This group of over 20 women work together as a family to support each other and develop their skills. Since working with Azizi Life they have been able to buy annual health insurance and pay the school fees for their children.We hope to gain income that will help us to maintain better lives and say goodbye to poverty forever.

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