Scents of India Mini Bar Soap

Scents of India Mini Bar Soap



Individually wrapped in upcycled, block printed fabric. Handmade using natural ingredients. Scents include lemon, sandalwood, jasmine.

Materials: natural herbs and ingredients, upcycled Indian textiles

Fair Trade



  Funds Community Development


  Cruelty Free

Recycled/ Upcycled

Dimensions: 2" L, 2" W, 0.75" H   Womenmade

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Your purchase helps empower disadvantaged artisans to connect them to global markets, alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability. You are investing in development projects, healthcare, education, skills training, loan programs, and scholarships for women, minorities, and people with special needs in India. In addition 100% of the profits are donated from this purchase to further help our partnering organizations along with missionaries abroad. 

The purchase of Matr Boomie’s products sustain jobs for people throughout India who have been handcrafting artisan goods for generations. Matr Boomie partners with women’s groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums and isolated rural communities to empower artisans through dignified, sustainable employment.

Above all, they value: 
• Safe work conditions 
• Education 
• The confidence and well-being of our artisan partners 
• No child labor 
• Sustainable materials and trade practices